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Boston, MA

Boston is known to be named after the stunning city of Boston in England and is considered to be one of the most populous cities in the Commonwealth of Massachusettes as of its 2020 census. This city interestingly has two different climate classifications namely a humid continental and humid subtropical climate with January being the coldest month and July the hottest.

Winthrop, MA

The ocean-side suburban community of Winthrop is located at the north entrance to Boston Harbor and is inhabited by 19,316 people as of 2020. The city has wonderful shops, art museums, and theater scenes that attract tourists from all over the world. Winters in Winthrop are very cold and snowy, while its summers are mostly warm with a taste of precipitation.

Quincy, MA

A part of Metropolitan Boston, the coastal city of Quincy is the largest in Norfolk County with a population of 101,636. It got its moniker “City of Presidents” from being the birthplace of numerous presidents of the country. Quincy stands as the single richest city per capita in the entire country and it features first-class amenities for its community to enjoy.

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is a major city in Boston that’s located north of Boston across the Charles River. Ample rainfall over the city and does not have a dry season due to its hot-summer continental climate and only hot summers and very cold winters. The city has a lot to offer, from art galleries to vibrant festivals that give you a peek at its rich history.

Somerville, MA

The City of Somerville is situated directly to the north of Cambridge and northwest of Boston and is home to a total of 81,045 people. Defined by its city squares, Somerville has a lot of squares around its city that serve as boundaries from one neighborhood to another. Visiting Somerville will present you with vibrant entertainment and business centers.

Newton, MA

Newton stands about 7 miles west of downtown Boston and as of its 2020 census report, it has a total population of 88,923 and has kept on thriving over the last few years. The thriving city of Newton is famous for its educational institutions and the vibrant city life that features top-rated restaurants, shopping malls, and museums where you can relish going over their rich history.

Arlington, MA

Arlington is a city with a cold and temperate climate with significant rainfall each year and very cold winter. This city that’s located only six miles northwest of Boston has an estimated population of 46,308 and is home to the first-ever public children’s library. Visiting Arlington will also present you with numerous parks and some of the most famous historical sites in the country.

Woburn, MA

The City of Woburn features a humid continental climate that makes its winters moderately cold like any other suburban area in Boston. It’s a famous city for having a rich tanning and rubber industry and has been a leading leather producer in the area since 1885. As of its 2020 census, Woburn’s population is 40,876.