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Blown-in Insulation

Wrapping your home with maximum comfort and safety is possible with the help of blown-in insulation. The word blown-in insulation, more commonly called loose-fill insulation, is a method used in insulating homes by stuffing joist cavities as well as attic floors and has a great R-value. To simply explain this insulation, it is made from cardboard, wood-based materials, or recycled newspapers and added with numerous substances to make it a flame-resistant and mold-resistant material and is bought in packed bags and bales. To install blown-in insulation, a mechanical hopper or blower is needed, it will be the one to blow the insulation material through the hose and into different parts of the home that needs to be properly insulated.

This insulation type is recognized as one of the best insulation you can ever add and stuff in existing construction whether in walls cavities or for vital attic spaces. It can easily defend the home against the disturbing sounds brought by bustling city life or bad weather conditions and its remarkable installation process ensures that no amount of cold or hot air will pass through any spaces and affect the thermal performance of your home. For homeowners who are looking for an insulation type that’s healthy for the environment, blown-in insulation is perfect for you as its materials are made from recycled products. Install blown-in ins your home now by making a quick call to a professional insulation contractor near you and asking them for a quote to prepare your pockets for all the expenses involved in the process.